CVM Group delivers total business solutions in partnership with its clients based on a relationship-based approach ensuring a string application for the business of each organisation it works with. The company can provide solutions from the highest level of strategic planning to the detailed operational implementation of an initiative. CVM Group works with clients to ensure business outcomes are integrated with their overall business and provide a total solution that is cognizant of other organisational initiatives and strategic directions.

Effective implementation of Business Improvement programs can lead to productivity improvements, reduction in process inefficiencies, alignment of processes and business goals, enhanced customer service, and improved customer retention, market share and stakeholder satisfaction.



CVM GROUP can offer your organisation a strategic procurement platform that enables organisations to generate more value, influence innovation and reduce risk. 
Powered by a unique supplier-centred approach that integrates supplier lifetime value throughout the entire procurement process, CVM GROUP provides the visibility, insight and transparency required to power and improve your procurement initiatives and decisions. 
With what we offer, CVM GROUP continues to strengthen and protect company reputations and brands by influencing innovation in strategic procurement and supply management helping organisations propel business growth and maximise competitive advantage. 

CVM Group includes;


Manage costs, compliance and risk. Aggregate spend data from multiple disparate systems; cleanse and classify data into a common classification structure; and perform multi-dimensional analysis—which enables you to identify saving opportunities and correct compliance breakdowns to ensure you realise your negotiated savings goals.


Negotiate and manage contracts in a single point of contact environment to reduce organisational risk with unparalleled insight into supplier contracts. With visibility across the entire organisation, improve tracking, negotiation and management of every contract to ensure compliance at all stages of the supply relationship.


Go beyond basic supplier scorecards. Gain a comprehensive view of your organisation’s suppliers across the entire procurement process, making the procurement process more efficient and effective. Clearly see summary of supplier interactions, understand interactions in process and create fact-based improvement plans for continuous supplier development.


For any organisation, true capability extends beyond the competence of its employees. It aligns individual skills with the organisation's processes, systems, culture and structures to deliver positive business outcomes and overall benefits. 


CVM's Capability Development Framework utilises the five critical business components of an organisation. These components are Business, Technical, Organisation, People and Process. 


CVM Group would be pleased to be afforded an opportunity to meet with you and your organisation with a focus to demonstrate the alternatives and improvements we can offer to your property by being a 'One Stop Shop'. We understand however, that in such a competitive environment we need to be very competitive whilst never compromising service delivery. 


Our consultancy expertise focuses on Facility Management, Soft Services and Procurement. Always striving to find the best service providers in their respective fields that aim for exceeding customer expectations, compliance, responsible employers and innovation at the best possible price.

We do not aim to be the biggest, just the best!

We are here to assist. Contact us directly by email, or by using the contact form.

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